Tianjin, the maritime museum is ready to open its doors



The 150,000 square meter museum is being established in the new area of Binhai in Tianjin, northern China


The first Chinese national maritime museum is almost ready to be opened to the public this year. The local authorities of Binhai, in fact, have announced that the construction of the complex has now entered its final phase.

The museum is located in the new area of Binhai, in the north of China, in the city of Tianjin. With an area of 150,000 square meters, the 3-storey museum can be visited free of charge for all interested patrons.


The museum will also have to raise public awareness of sea protection


The six sections in the 23,000 square meter exhibition hall cover a wide range of topics including Chinese marine culture and history, ecology and the marine environment, science education and interactive programs.

The museum – which will also include shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas – should become a center to raise public awareness of sea protection, marine research and the promotion of marine culture.



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