TikTok Continues upward Momentum: Is the world’s most downloaded app 


With 104.7 million installs in January, TikTok is the social media of the moment. While ByteDance’s Toutiao was the most downloaded news app during the same period


ByteDance’s short-video app Douyin, better known as TikTok outside China, continues gaining momentum, garnering 104.7 million global downloads in January, a growth of 46% year-on-year, becoming the world’s most-downloaded app. According to data, Tiktok generated $28.7 million in revenue from in-app purchases, inside and outside China. .

TikTok is now an international phenomenon. It is the “Made in China” success that is taking ground from the Celestial Empire to the United States, without forgetting the audience from the Pacific area. Users in India contributed to 34.4% of total downloads, while Brazilians accounted for 10.4%. Facebook was the second most installed social media app worldwide in January with 61.9 million installs, inching up by 1.5 % from last year. Instagram, YY Inc.’s Likee, and Snapchat followed.

Launched in September 2016, the platform has begun to expand internationally by the name TikTok in less than a year. To date, the app owned by Bytedance is a reality in countries like Japan, the United States, and the Middle East. And this success is showing no signs of slowing down yet but, on the contrary, it is still growing. The app has already shown its potential in marketing to Generation Z – the generation born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s.

According to data, each user opens Douyin on average five times a day, spending about 30 minutes watching videos. Overall, since its debut, TikTok has been downloaded worldwide 1.82 billion times. ByteDance is leading news providers sector too. ByteDance’s news aggregator Toutiao was the most downloaded app in January in the news category with 6.3 million installs.




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