Tmall Double 11 Sweeps Europe


During 2018 Tmall Double 11, British consumers will participate in the carnival through Ali Global AliExpress, e-commerce procurement spending is expected to double


In recent years, Alibaba‘s e-commerce shopping carnival “Tmall Double 11” has accelerated to the global market and is deeply loved by overseas consumers and businesses.

In the UK, well-known retailers such as New Look and M&S have joined forces with Alibaba to enter China, and achieved good sales during the Tmall Double 11 period. At the same time, British Internet users have joined the ranks of the Double 11 global carnival through Alibaba’s global AliExpress.


In 2017, the Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival ended with a turnover of 25.3 billion US dollars, far exceeding the total sales of the Western Black Friday and Cyber Monday totaling 14.48 billion US dollars.


Parcelhero experts said that this year’s Tmall double 11, AliExpress in the UK will be more popular than in previous years, sales will continue to grow.

Not only the United Kingdom, in Spain, Poland, France, Italy, and other European countries, AliExpress has become the local mainstream e-commerce platform, the growth rate in emerging markets in Eastern Europe is more than 50%, and the market scale continues to grow rapidly.


In addition to providing cost-effective products, Alibaba is also accelerating the export of eco-infrastructure capabilities including trading, payment, logistics, technology, etc. to Europe as a whole, and in-depth cooperation with local partners to continuously improve the consumer experience.


This year’s Tmall Double 11 will be the most globalized in a decade. AliExpress cooperates with Cainiao to build a European Hub with the Belgian Liege Airport as the center to improve the pan-European logistics capabilities. “Double 11” goods stored in overseas warehouses can be delivered in 72 hours to half of Europe.


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