Tmall Luxury Pavilion has New Luxury Brands From Tapestry Inc.




On the Alibaba Group’s dedicated platform for luxury and premium goods, the Tmall Luxury Pavilion, it will be possible to purchase new luxury brands. Indeed, Tapestry Inc. has decided to bring many of its brands, including Coach and Kate Spade, to the platform



The goal is to conquer part of the Chinese luxury market and with this intention, Tapestry Inc. has decided to bring many of its brands, including Coach and Kate Spade, to Tmall Luxury Pavilion.

Tapestry, Inc. is an American multinational fashion holding based in New York City and the parent company of three major brands: Coach New York, Kate Spade New York and Stuart Weitzman. The luxury and lifestyle group said Thursday that Coach will officially open a flagship store in the pavilion in December, followed by Kate Spade early next year.

Tapestry has made it known that the brands will adopt Tmall’s new “Flagship Store 2.0” format to “offer elevated, rich shopping experiences for customers”. Tapestry president and CEO Jide Zeitlin said: “Tapestry is committed to the Chinese market”


Originally called Coach, the company changed its name to Tapestry on 31 October 2017.


“Tmall is at the forefront of the fast-paced digital ecosystem in China, highlighted by their innovative approach and consumer-centric attitude,” Zeitlin said. “Given Tapestry’s focus on customer experience, creating innovative strategic partnerships with leaders such as Tmall helps us to connect our unique lifestyle brands with the important fashion- and digitally savvy Chinese consumer.”

In particular, this information comes from the announcement that Tapestry made during the presentation of its “2020 ChinaNext” digital innovation roadmap. According to the roadmap, Tapestry wants to stimulate engagement in the region and explore the best practices it can also exploit globally.

The company also stated that the partnership would help Tapestry, on the one hand, to get more in-depth information on the Chinese market, and, on the other, to create seamless experiences for consumers both online and offline.


Coach was founded in 1941. Starting as a workshop, it grew into a company with over 17,000 employees


Noam Paransky, Chief Digital Officer of Tapestry, said the collaboration with Tmall, which allows them to connect with a wider audience, is a fundamental part of this strategy.

Paransky said: “We are committed to offering a compelling experience for Chinese consumers wherever they choose to shop: our stores, direct brand and third-party websites or social platforms,”.

But in China, interest in luxury brands has led other companies to create platforms for luxury. An example is Secoo, which specializes in luxury clothing and accessories for men and women from big-name brands, including Burberry, Hermes, Rolex, and Bulgari. Another example is VIP International, the cross-border e-commerce sub-platform of The popular flash sales platform now focuses on selling international fashion to Chinese consumers at a discount.




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