TOP 4 Chinese Hi-Tech companies already listed in Shanghai New Hi-Tech board


The new Shanghai Nasdaq-style tech board, has already accepted the first batch of listing applications for its new stock exchange. Here top 4 Chinese hi-tech already in


The top 4 Chinese hi-tech companies that already planned to raise about 11 billion yuan ($1.63 billion) in total, are from the technology sector, including three companies new generation information technology, new material and from biomedicine.

But the new tech board, which aim is to pilot a a registration-based listing system to replace the current approval-based listing system and to cut regulatory red tape   already listed severals companies based in Jiangsu, Hubei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong provinces and Shanghai. An important confirm concerning PRC main productive hi-tech clusters. Let’s take a look at these firms.


1. Transsion Holdings – The Company That Controls Africa’s Mobile Phone Industry


In the West maybe we know what Transsion Holdings really is, but this hi-tech giant is the mother company behind TECNO, Infinix, iTel and a conglomerate of other non-phone brands. In 2008 Transsion changed strategy and stopped selling in Asia and adjusted its focus to the African market where the company deemed to be a better chance at success. 

Transsion’s entry into the African market was not by trial nor mistake. While the other smartphone makers)were focused on the premium market through their devices – such as Europe, Asia and North America – Transsion came before into the Kenyan market and then spread around the continent. What’s the result? The company captured a neglected space in the penetration of smartphones in the continent, thus, actually, is the really top player in Africa’s mobile phone industry.

2. ANKON Technologies Co Ltd – Biomedicine is ready for the stock market


Ankon Technologies Co Ltd specializes is a medical equipment maker company based in Shanghai. It has created and commercialized the first gastric capsule endoscope robot system in the world. Ankon has a team of experts experienced in business incubation, some of whom with PhD degrees from Silicon Valley.

Anton is worldwide known for its advanced robot system, named NaviCam™, an effective tool for the early detection of gastric diseases. The system can also help to improve medical resources allocation and evaluate treatments. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the precise control of magnetic fields and photo electronic imaging, which improve the locating function of the capsule endoscope and increase the accuracy of disease detection.

China has high incidence of gastric diseases, ranking at the first place in the world for gastric cancer. Therefore, such heath checking tools are vital in disease prevention. Traditional tools have the risk of infection and bring discomfort to patients, but Navicam brings a painless medical examination.

The robot system was registered with China’s Food and Drug Administration in Jan 2013, and has no competitor in the market. It is now used by hundreds of first-class hospitals across the country and Presidents Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping both visited the company in person, with high expectations for the medical team.


3. HeJian Technology (Suzhou) Co Ltd –  New generation information technology and Big Data


HeJian Technology (Suzhou) Co Ltd., located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, and started production since May 2003. The factory has a monthly capacity of 60,000 wafers with over 2,000 employee currently. Hejian offers the mainstream processes of logic and mixed-signal. The sepcialty processes were also developed with embedded non-volatile memory, high-voltage and image sensor.

The geometries of processes varied from 0.5 micron to 110 nanometer. The one-stop shopping provides the service to cover the design services, mask making, wafer fabrication and the consulting of wafer testing and package. The end products of foundried mainly include consumer, automotive, industrial, LCD drivers, MCU, power management, fingerprint identification, and smart cards and more.

With the faith of customer-oriented and closely cooperation, HeJian always provides customers with comprehensive and competitive service, including MPW, IP, etc.. Our professional team offers efficient supporting for new products development, delivery cycle-time, quality, and yield enhancement, etc. HeJian will actively serve the mainstream applications, continuously develop more advanced & differentiating technologies and expand our capacity to meet the needs of a fast growing market.


4. Lyric Robot Co – Industry: Advanced equipment


Lyric Robot is a nationally leading supplier of high-end intelligent equipment and factory automation solutions and offers services for leading companies in the fields of new energy battery and energy storage, automotive parts, precision electronics, intelligent security, medical device, rail transportation.

The has owned many general techniques involved in integrated intelligent solutions, such as industrial robot applications, visual applications, digital and intelligent monitoring, centrally integrated control, optical inspection, laser welding, precision glue injection technique. Lyric Robot provides global top 500 enterprises with integrated factory automation solutions.

Adhering to the conception of market-oriented and technology-oriented, Lyric Robot shall hold strict management as the company’s foundation and insist on the principles of combination of production, learning and research. Meanwhile, Lyric Robot co-establishes production-learning- research cooperation bases with many colleges and universities. And Lyric Robot establishes cooperative relationship with high-end research institutes at home and abroad to provide sufficient talents and substantial technical support for the company’s  research and development.






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