Top Industry Players Round Table at Cross-border E-commerce Conference and Cifnews Partner Dinner Day Two


Jan. 12, 2018 – The second day of the Cross-border E-commerce Conference and Cifnews Partner Dinner launched with a round table discussion with top players in the industry facilitated by Guido Ghedin, CMO of Cifnews Italy. Participants included Qinghua Wu, Vice President of Globalgrow E-commerce; Peter Chen, CEO of Huicheng E-commerce; Christy Ye Operations Director of Shengshi Network Technology Co. LTD; Evgeniy Zhukov, German marketing representative and executive of global advertising agency Admitad; Yizhi Tao, Japanese ecommerce specialist; and Rohit Goel, the Indian Co Founder of Rustic Town.

Russian, Indian, and Chinese representatives agreed that race-to-the-bottom supply chain management would only hinder Chinese products from entering the overseas market. “Going lower and lower is not a good strategy. If Chinese brands have a hope of entering the Indian market, they need to place great importance on brand identity to disrupt the perception that Chinese products are cheap or poorly made,” said Rohit Goel.

Evgeniy Zhukov of global advertising giant, Admitad, stated that Russian consumers and consumers worldwide were more likely to purchase a product online if the brand has a physical presence in the country, stressing the importance of O2O (online to offline) product experience. Another topic of note was the contrast between methods of manufacturing. It was agreed that Indian e-commerce sellers would do well marketing hand made products, while Chinese sellers excel with products produced via automation and machine-based manufacturing.

The next round table was composed of representatives from Amazon Global Selling, eBay China, Southern China AliExpress, Wish, Jumia, and Shopee. Hawn, Investment Manager of Southern China Shopee, shared key figures from 2017. The burgeoning e-commerce platform operates in seven countries will 80 million downloads of the shopping app and six million followers on social media. During Single’s Day, Shopee sold over seven million units. Shopee has Chinese offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai to support Chinese sellers, and also opened warehouses in China.

Last up, conference attendees listened to remarks of Qiang Bai, Senior Manager of Southern China at AliExpress, who shared key numbers from 2017. AliExpress had over 100 million sellers and one billion buyers from domestic markets. According to Qiang, Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma, aims to have two billion customers worldwide by 2026, half from global markets. The e-commerce platform that dominates the Chinese market has supported sellers with localization, warehouses, and brand building initiatives topping the list of accomplishments.

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