Cifnews is committed to strengthening cross-border e-commerce through several initiatives. Our China team runs events throughout the country to train companies and professionals how to best take advantage of the cross-border e-commerce opportunity. Cifnews China and CCEE provide insights on regulations, professional networking, and relevant information through the participation of experts and executives from the biggest names in the industry.

In 2017 Cifnews launched its online learning platform, called Yuke 雨课. Experts on topics such as digital platforms, digital payments, e-commerce optimization, and regulations have recorded and broadcasted hundreds of hours of video classes that Cifnews has presented to thousands of professionals and students. This e-learning service will soon be launched in all of Cifnews’ markets.

The Cifnews international team has participated in events and conducted lectures and master classes at universities across Europe. Cifnews International also partners with local companies to deliver training sessions and informative content about the Chinese market and cross-border e-commerce trends.

For more info about our training activities, write us here.