launches “Travel On” Initiative. $140 mln For Partners

24/06/2020 Group to revitalize travel with “Travel On” initiative. The Chinese group joins Google to launch Travel Trends Report, a worldwide leading online travel services provider, unveiled last Monday, a range of new initiatives to reinvigorate travel, as part of its online “Travel On” launch event. Group was joined by more than 70 representatives from over 200 industry partners for the launch of the industry-wide initiative, which attracted an audience of over 1 million viewers worldwide.

According to data, amid the ongoing economic slowdown and deteriorating economy, the COVID-19 epidemic has already shaken tourism industry as well. For example, without a steady stream of visitors from outside the block, the European tourism industry alone is said to experience an estimated financial loss of roughly €1 billion per month.

In early March, started a revival plan involving 1 billion yuan for the tourism industry with its partners from home and abroad, and now the Chinese giant is ready to do more. “At, our commitment is to make every trip the perfect trip, and traveller safety is our number one priority,” said Group CEO Jane Sun. “We’ve introduced these new measures to make sure that your next trip is as safe and enjoyable as ever.”



To incentivize travellers and stimulate consumption, Group announced the launch of its international “Travel On Sale”, giving customers access to exclusive discounts of up to 60% on flexible advance reservations with over 30,000 hotels situated in more than 180 countries. In tandem with the promotion, the leading online travel services provider introduced a new marketing model, and plans to hold a series of in-destination livestream broadcasts across the world. Building on its efforts in select pilot markets, the series of livestreams will offer further exclusive discounts to viewers, which have to date achieved over USD 70 million in sales and a viewership of millions.

Moreover, as part of the announcement, Group partnered with Google to launch a joint Travel Trends Report, finding that interest in short-haul travel is quickly developing, and that in addition to safety, flexibility was the foremost consideration in planning future travel.

Building on an initial USD 140 million in financial assistance provided to its partners in a number of pilot markets, the leading travel services provider today announced the expansion of its “Travel On Fund”, to help partners from all over the world revitalize their businesses.

“Travel is such an important force for good. It’s what brings us together, and breaks down barriers between us, and what the world needs most right now is the freedom to travel on safely,” said Group CEO Jane Sun. “With the measures for safety and flexibility announced today, and these amazing deals and exciting new products on offer, that moment is now. There’s never been a better time to start planning that next trip, and to travel on.”

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