Unclear advertising practices? Chinese mobile operators want real change



The tariff plans offers of the three main Chinese operators will be clearer and easier for users to understand


The Chinese’s three major mobile operators, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom, after criticism by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), have announced changes to the ways they advertise their unlimited data packages.

To worry the MIIT are the “hidden data” within the tariff offers, often not explained to the user and, according to reports, the MIIT held a meeting on June 8 to tackle the “hidden restrictions” on the use of unlimited data initiatives provided by the mobile operators.


The indication of MIIT was clear: to review the way in which companies advertise these programs to the public


In particular, at the centre of criticism, there is the fact that users, once they reach a certain threshold of data usage, accept without knowing it to see their connection speed being slowed down. According to the MIIT, these limitations should be explicitly stated.

The response of the three Chinese operators is fairly uniform. They said they would standardize their promotional material to include any limitations on unlimited data use and inform sales personnel to make these limitations clear to customers when selling the services.


Usage of mobile data has increased by 154% in the past year, increasing to 3.4GB a month


The speed of connection in China is a theme on which it is better not to joke. Just think of China’s efforts for the 5G network. Furthermore, we must not forget the three-year program to increase the speed of data transfer and to reduce the costs that led to a 90% price reduction for broadband services and a 83.5% reduction in mobile data.



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