United Kingdom, limited access to 5G network for Huawei


Huawei will be authorized to provide some “non-core” parts of the 5G mobile infrastructure


A small obstacle overseas for Huawei. The Chinese company, in fact, a world telecommunications giant, has been authorized by Great Britain to have limited access to the next generation of mobile networks in the country, known as 5G. Prime Minister Theresa May has indeed ordered the ban after a meeting with the Ministers of the National Security Council (NSC).

In particular, Huawei will be authorized to supply some “non-core” parts of the 5G mobile infrastructure, such as antennas. However, some ministers of the May government – including the foreign secretary, secretary of state and the secretary of defense – have raised concerns, arguing that a total ban on the supplier is safer.


The partial acceptance implies that the British government still makes the US charges valid


While Huawei can claim to have avoided the absolute prohibition of supplying 5G equipment in the UK by supplying only “non-core” equipment, on the other hand, the British government’s decision is contrary to Huawei’s repeated claims that it is devoid of interference from the Chinese government.

Partial acceptance implies that the UK government still makes US accusations valid, that Huawei’s equipment could be used by Beijing for espionage or sabotage.



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