This Valentine’s Day, Alibaba AI tests couples’ looks


In recent years, Artificial Intelligence technology has developed rapidly. But most of the time, users report that AI tech products are too difficult to understand. They draw a blank watching how-to videos akin to a high schooler in math class.

Artificial Intelligence does not develop in one single discipline. It involves technological breakthroughs in many areas, from academic theory to technologies that can be applied to our everyday lives. A winning example of the latter is Alibaba’s new DAMO Academy that tests couples’ facial similarity.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, netizens have the opportunity to use face recognition technology to receive discounts. The technology can take a picture of two faces, and detect how similar the faces are both in features and emotion. The more similar the faces, the higher the discount.

Alibaba’s retailers have found this Couple’s Face discount to be interesting and profitable. Consumers just need to take a photo with a family member, lover, or friend, and the AI tool can determine the couple’s similarity index. Different points can be exchanged for different rewards.

For example, if the similarity is more than 90 points, consumers get an 88 yuan discount voucher. If the similarity is 0 points, consumers get a 5 yuan consolation prize. To increase the fun, the app awards more points for bigger smiles.

The gadget uses two kinds of AI. One-to-one facial recognition, and smile detection. In other, more practical applications, facial recognition technology is used for hotel check-in and mobile banking login.

It’s not just couples that are flocking to the app to test their similarity. There are also same-sex friends. Two boys tried to app for some laughs and received 100 points.

Although love and appearance are mutually dependent, for the more than 6 million retail stores in China, this Valentine’s Day Alibaba’s technology will rewards users for their looks.





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