Videogames, Tencent imposes a new verification system for users



The new measure will initially be applied to 10 titles, and then expanded to all Tencent games


News coming in the gaming sector for Tencent, which will distribute, starting from 2019, a new user name verification system for the entire range of its videogames. All those who intend to use, whether on PC or mobile, the games developed and distributed by Tencent, will then have to prove the validity of their identities with a cross-check that pulls in between the police databases.

The Chinese internet giant said that the new measure will be applied, in development, to 10 of its most popular games, before expanding to the entire library. The move seems to be part of the intentions of the health system, intent on tackling the problem of gambling addiction among underage players.


The crackdown on videogames in China has led the sector to slower growth in the first six months of 2018


The new addiction prevention measure, which includes age verification and daily playing time restrictions, was introduced as early as last September. Since then, Tencent has started to apply the real name registration on one of the most popular mobile games: Honor of Kings.

Tencent, the largest videogame company in the world, has certainly suffered from the large crackdown on the cultural content that the Chinese authorities have put in place. But these impositions have affected the whole world of national video games, given that the sector has recorded a slower than expected growth in the first six months of 2018.



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