Voice Recognition, Enter Station with Your Face, High Tech Make More Convenient


On Dec. 6, Shanghai Shentong Metro announced a new partnership with Alibaba and Ant Financial. METRO, an app, developed by Shanghai Shentong Metro will use Alibaba’s technology to make Shanghai’s transportation more convenient. By early next year, Shanghai’s citizens may be able to enter the station through scanning technology and pay via Alipay.

Face Recognition to Enter Station

Passengers will enter stations without queuing when their Alipay account is bonded with METRO. Passengers can take the subway and pay later without internet, wifi, or enough balance in Alipay account. In the future, passengers may enter station via face recognition, without needing to pull out mobile phones.

Voice Recognition

Shanghai’s metro is the longest urban transit system in the world, and it’s easy to be flabbergasted by its metro map. The complexity of the system makes it difficult for passengers to buy tickets. Voice Recognition technology will solve this problem. Passengers will simply tell the ticket machine where they want to go and the best route will be displayed.

Passenger Flow Monitoring to Prevent Jams

Shanghai’s metro has the second largest passenger flow in the world. Intelligent passenger flow monitoring technology will alleviate the resulting passenger flow problem, routing riders through under utilized areas of the map. There’s no doubt that Alibaba’s technology will make the Shanghai metro more convenient.


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