“Wallonia Export Days” opens its doors to China


E-commerce sales worldwide are reaching staggering heights. The future? Is here, in China, where e-commerce means business. Cifnews will show us how to get into this market


China has over the years positioned itself as the world’s leading E-commerce market with companies such as Alibaba going toe – to – toe with Amazon. With a total of 730 million Internet users, China accounts for 40 per cent of the global retail e-commerce.

Additionally, it is important to underline that the supply of food products within China’s e-commerce has become a real trend and with that the Chinese population have become increasingly concerned about their health and naturally about the quality of the products they consume. This represents great opportunities for European SMEs wanting to enter this booming e-commerce market.


CCEE Hangzhou will show you all latest news about digital and high-tech release connected to cross-border e-commerce.


E-commerce sales worldwide are reaching staggering heights. In 2017, global e-commerce sales numbered US$22 trillion and are expected to grow to US$27 trillion by 2020. The United States commands roughly US$400 billion of global online sales, and the EU accounts for another US$530 billion.

Cifnews will integrate more resources around the world to help Chinese premium brands access the global market.

Yesterday, Belgium local time, Guido Ghedin, CMO of Cifnews Global, delivered a speech to “Wallonia Export Days”, a two days event with experts talking about how Belgian companies can succeed in the global market. Dimitri Duong, Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency; and Bart Horsten, Board Member Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, also attended the event.

Guido Ghedin underlined how Chinese companies and European service providers and institutions can cooperate in order to be more competitive in the European market, with cross-border e-commerce, and also what Cifnews can offer to the European companies that want to have logistic support in China.

In April Cifnews already  visited the Liege Airport in Belgium where the China-Europe Logistics Park is located, and held talk with Michel Kenpeneers, CMO Overseas Export-Investment at Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX), Xiuting Deng, deputy manager of China Investment Project, Bert Selis, freight logistics manager of Liege Airport, and Dongqing Zhang, GM of EU-China Logistics.



The two parties reached a consensus on the cooperation of the CCEE. The Hangzhou China Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition (CCEE) will be in 12-13 June 2018, with a forecasted attendance of 50 thousand visitors from all over China and abroad.

CCEE is coming for the first time to Hangzhou, China’s e-commerce capital; the event is sponsored by the Ministry of commerce of Zhejiang Province and co-organized by Cifnews and the E-commerce Promotion Committee of Zhejiang Province.

AWEX is expected to organize and invite local companies to go to Hangzhou, China, and make their debut at the CCEE.

The purpose of the Cifnews’  visit was to further facilitate the cooperation with AWEX, and jointly discuss how to use the advantages of European resources to better serve Chinese sellers and provide them with more systematic and complete logistics solutions. The EU-China Logistics was founded by the three partners of the AWEX, Liege Airport and the Logistics in Wallonia.

The Incubator is located in Belgium, the center of Europe. Meanwhile, it is also the main logistics distribution base linking the European market and brings together world-renowned logistics service companies such as FedEx Express, TNT, and DHL. With such advantageous logistics conditions, this has become an ideal gateway for the development of cross-border e-commerce.


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