Wallonia Unveiled the New Representative Office in Zhengzhou


Europe in the hearth of China. China and Wallonia already launched in 2018 a new cargo railway. Today Wallonia opened a representative office in Zhengzhou, the capital city of China’s Henan province


Wallonia strengthens its presence in China with the official opening of a new Wallonia Export & Investment Agency representative office in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan, a province of nearly 100 million people and leader in cutting-edge activities such as food, logistics, health, mechanical, and education sectors. Moreover, Zhengzhou is ready to become the future airline and logistics hub from the new central China. That’s why

The new presence of this Wallonia Export representative office strengthens partnerships in these key sectors for the Belgian region and its economy. Once again cross-border is showing to EU how China and Europe have such great potential for exchanges and cooperation.


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In 2019 a new record: In Liege Airport the number of packages touched +300 million. In the past years, as the European consumers confidence continue to grow, companies are seeking distribution centers to give them an edge in the market through accessibility and increased speed. The Walloon regional government in Belgium has responded in kind.

The Wallonia Export & Foreign Investment Agency, the Liege Airport, and Logistics in Wallonia have partnered to create the EU-China Logistics incubator using the Liege Airport in Belgium as a base. The incubator was the first of its kind in Europe and is supporting Chinese companies that wish to do business in Europe by providing services required by cross-border e-commerce such as access to logistics and transportation companies. That’s why 362 million packages as result is not a surprise.


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But today, amid pandemic outbreak, thanks to its processing capacity, geographical location and density of connections, the Walloon cargo airport has been selected by the World Health Organization as one of the eight global hubs for the transport of supplies to healthcare personnel.  Liege Airport and Belgium, which became the first European country to join the Electronic World Trade Platform in 2018, has been working closely with the foundations to facilitate the distribution and delivery of medical supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak.

But why Liege airport? Since 2018, Alibaba Group and Bruxelles have worked closely together on a number of initiatives to promote cross-border. And today Belgium, as European partner of the Alibaba-led Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP),is playing a vital role fighting coronavirus with the Liege Airport  that has been chosen as main logistic hub enabling the efficient distribution the donated medical supplies Europe.

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