WeChat, an electronic solution for travellers between Hong Kong and the mainland



Tencent is working closely with the Chinese government to enable WeChat to become a virtual and electronic passport


Cross the border with simple code and face scans based on an E-card scheme powered by biometric data, that’s the aim of Tencent, who is working with the Chinese government to create a WeChat-based electric pass system.

By linking identity documents to the WeChat app, travellers between Hong Kong and the mainland should cross the border easier.


Travelers between Hong Kong and the mainland are required to have special permits


Furthermore, with the E-card ID system, users someday might be able to check into hotels and set up bank accounts if regulators approve.

Tencent hopes to expand the program to China’s whole “Greater Bay Area” that has the same border crossing problem like Hong Kong.  The Great Bay Area comprend Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan and Zhongshan.


Tencent is focusing its efforts on creating a stronger relationship with the Chinese government with the aim of creating digital identities


WeChat was chosen even because it already runs a pilot scheme for Guangdong residents to integrate official documents such as national identity cards, driving licenses and travel documents with WeChat accounts.


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