WeChat, illicit content: Tencent removes the “drift bottle” function



Tencent confirmed that the system was used to disseminate pornographic images


New changes in the Tencent home. The Chinese technoogical giant, in fact, has confirmed that it will remove its ‘drift bottle’ function from WeChat, which allowed users to send voice and text messages to strangers within the app. The decision was made, according to Tencent, because this technology was used to “spread pornography and promote prostitution”.

The move comes after the same Tencent has received complaints from users, in addition to media attention, for the illegal use of the messaging service.


The repression of the sector has led to the closure of 9,800 social media accounts


While Chinese companies are struggling to monitor their platforms more tightly, planned removal will take place due to increased pressure from regulators. The authorities have in fact tried to clean up “vulgar” content, fake accounts and spam.

In this sense, recently Baidu was fined with RMB 600,000 for circulating ads containing pornography, gambling and violence. The repression of the sector led to the closure of 9,800 social media accounts on WeChat, Weibo, Baidu and Jinri Toutiao.



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