WeChat supports multimedia publishing for public accounts


China’s biggest app provides a decentralized platform for user-generated content



On the evening of April 12, WeChat announced a revision of public accounts. Instead of posting text only, users can now post multimedia. When users hit the “+” to add content, the new list displays text message, video message, audio message, picture message, and reprint, which allows users to repost content. Each multimedia item can be accompanied by 140 characters of text. The titles must be consistent with the multimedia posted.

It is worth noting that on short video platforms such as fast hand, vibrato, and micro-video, and earlier “long video” platforms such as iQIYI, Youku, and Tencent video, use centralized mechanisms to distribute content so the traffic is controlled by the platform.

Content producers, apart from advertising and video e-commerce gurus, are still looking for a way to monetize their endeavors. Whether controlled by an algorithm of an editorial-conscious display, the flow of content is firmly in the hands of the platform.


Chinese short video users increased to 2.42 billion


On WeChat, the content distribution is decentralized. As long as content receives traction, it will be distributed, meaning short form and long form content producers can rack their brains for creative production knowing that their videos have the chance to be seen. This move breathes new life into the monetized content arena. That said, the new features have yet to be tested by users and the content consumer market.

Tencent’s suspension of short video direct play has a significant impact on the short video industry. Ai Media Consulting’s “2017-2018 China Short Video Industry Trends and User Behavior Research Report” shows that as of the end of 2017, the number of Chinese short video users has increased to 2.42 billion people. In China, among the sources of short video consumption, more than 50% of users’ sources are WeChat friend circles.


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