WeChat unlocks links to Kuaishou videos



China’s national broadcasting agency has censored a series of video apps for unlicensed expansion


Tencent’s messaging app, WeChat, had to restrict the sharing of material on its platform due to possible unsuitable content. However, WeChat has recently released links shared by the Kuaishou short video app. The shared videos, in particular, are played directly by WeChat Moments users as embedded videos. The share button in Kuaishou has also been changed to the WeChat’s Moments icon.

However, with regards to Bytedance app videos like Douyin, Xigua Video and Huoshan Video, these have yet to be downloaded and then uploaded to appear in WeChat.


Tencent had blocked the embedded links in WeChat Moments


In April 2018, China’s national broadcasting agency censored a series of short video apps to expand its services without appropriate licenses. A month later, Tencent started blocking short video links embedded in WeChat Moments, requiring users to copy and paste browser links to be viewed normally.

But the ban does not only concern WeChat, but also all the major short video platforms including Tencent’s Weishi. In addition, Kuaishou is the second short-lived video app to be restored on WeChat, following Weishi, which was restored to WeChat in June 2018.



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