Weibo, great success for the new manga platform




The platform is undermining the primacy of two giants like Kuaikan Comics and Tencent Animation & Comics



In recent years in China, the comic book market is on the rise and more and more young people are reading manga comics. For this reason, although animations are the focus of most investors, several large Chinese companies are making considerable efforts to exploit this market.

In China, the two largest comic groups are Kuaikan Comics and Tencent Animation & Comics, which belongs to the Internet group Tencent Holdings. According to Chinese research firm QuestMobile, Kuaikan Comics boasted 45.51 million active monthly users at the end of 2018, followed by Tencent Animation with 13.79 million.

To these two there is also a new competitor,, launched in July 2018 by Weibo, a Chinese-style Twitter microblogging platform that has already collected 10 million monthly active users. With more than 100 million app downloads,, in December last year, even had more active users per day than Tencent Animation.


Weibo has decided to focus on evaluating quality stories


Weibo has published on its website for some time for the release of manga works, after guaranteeing intellectual property rights. Furthermore, it is to be calculated that when Weibo launched, it had neither an independent manga app nor contracted manga artists. Since then it has developed an app, in addition to signing contracts to use manga and artists and promote his own stock of content and IP.

In the first period since the app’s launch, Weibo decided to focus on evaluating quality stories. There is a team of experts who add or modify existing manga works and, currently, there are about 5,000 products on the app.


The number of Weibo users interested in manga is expected to reach 262 million by the end of 2019


Also interesting is how the app is able to record the preferences of its users. The platform developed its “Lingyun System“, owner in collaboration with Weibo at the end of last year. The system analyzes information, including user behavior patterns, preferences and keywords, and uses them to provide advice to artists and platform creation teams.

Currently, getting Weibo users is extremely important for because, according to data from the latest animation and manga report on the giant social network platform, the number of Weibo users interested in animation and manga should reach 262 million by the end of 2019, including 32.88 million main users and 35,000 key opinion leaders.




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