Weibo, is the social of influencer: earnings for 26.8 billion yuan in 2018



The e-commerce makes the Weibo bloggers rich


The influencers have grossed over 26.8 billion yuan ($ 3.89 billion) this year on the main Chinese social media platform Weibo. This allows users to turn their popularity into money with paid partnerships and subscriptions.

The e-commerce makes the influential bloggers Weibo wealthy, generating 25.4 billion yuan in 2018, up 36% on an annual basis, as confirmed by Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei at the company’s annual V Influence Summit.

Six famous online stores on Weibo have, in fact, grossed over 100 million yuan of revenue during the annual online shopping festival, compared to four stores last year.


The social media giant on Twitter now has about 700,000 bloggers


Celebrity endorsement and paid subscriptions also brought 1.2 billion yuan and 240 million yuan to influential bloggers, respectively.

The social media giant on Twitter now has about 700,000 bloggers who have more than 20,000 fans each or whose posts have over 100,000 monthly clicks on average. Of these, around 50,000 are known as “V-bloggers”, who have over 500,000 fans each or have over 10 million monthly clicks on their posts on average.



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