Zaha Hadid wants to support the new Beijing airport with facial recognition



Zaha Hadid wants to use facial recognition technology developed by Chinese start-ups to increase airport security


Zaha Hadid is planning the new Beijing airport, a project that will cost 12 billion dollars and that can manage up to 100 million passengers a year at full capacity.

For this project, Zaha Hadid decided to use state-of-the-art surveillance technology to reduce bottlenecks in security and immigration screening.

Chinese companies will provide these cutting-edge technologies. Chinese artificial intelligence start-up Yitu, for example, is preparing a bid to provide its facial recognition technology to the airport. On the other hand, SenseTime Group is also expected to compete for the contract.


The new Zaha Hadid-designed airport is situated about 50 kilometres south of central Beijing


In this major project, identity verification at the new airport is expected to be conducted by cameras that will match the user’s appearance to a national ID database.

Not only that, through artificial vision, in fact, airport authorities can also match users to their personal belongings, so that unattended baggage is easily traced and assessed for safety risks.

“The new Beijing airport is built for the future, on the basis of digitised and smart concepts” said Guo Yanchi


SenseTime, the most funded Chinese start-up company, has shown itself ready for the important task of providing this technology. The company has already updated the IT systems of the Chengdu and Haikou airports and more than 30 railway stations in China, so that the facial scanning machines can match passengers to tickets.

In an interview with China Newsweek in March, Guo Yanchi, the chief engineer overseeing the construction work, told the magazine that “the new Beijing airport is built for the future, on the basis of digitised and smart concepts”.



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