Zhihu Launches Livestreaming


E-commerce: Now Users can find answers in real time to questions


Zhihu is one of these platforms regularly assimilated to their Western counterparts. Zhihu is originally a Q&A site (like the giant Quora). However, these features are much more developed than the American version. Zhihu brings together an educated and informed user community in search of information and knowledge. 

They are a very different base from communities from other Chinese social networks that are generally looking for fun and entertaining content. Zhihu, therefore, offers not only question-and-answer services, publication of articles, conferences on various live topics, and the organization of online debates. Unique features developed only on ZhihuThe app is hugely popular, and again, Chinese consumers love learning new things and enjoy sharing their experiences with others

The new live-streaming feature means users can comment – the live-streamer answers in real-time – schedule streams and set reminders. It’s also monetised through users sending virtual gifts. The audience on Zhihu is a very informed and curious one, with users often drilling deeper into conversations, such as the recent NBA issue, which exploded on the platform. A platform which enables its audience to go deeper is a huge opportunity for building ‘real’ influence. Brands can even open branded accounts on Zhihu and start to become an educational and informational touchpoint on their wider niche for an audience.



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