ZTE-iQIYI-China Unicom: partnership for 5G terminal devices



The common aim is to promote 5G technology in terminal devices in China


ZTE (Chinese telecommunications giant) and the iQIYI video streaming service announced that they have partnered with the main network operator China Unicom, in order to promote the application of 5G in terminal devices.

The shares of ZTE and iQIYI have increased by 2.3% and 0.9% respectively in recent days, pushing the market capitalization of the two companies to around $ 18.2 billion and nearly $ 13.2 billion separately.

The partnership came only three weeks after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued official 5G licenses for commercial use to the three heavyweights of the country’s network: China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Broadcasting Network.


ZTE and China Unicom will form a common operating group


According to their agreement, ZTE and China Unicom will form a common operating group for the development and application of 5G Live TV innovations and 5G network technologies. The large bandwidth of the 5G network will ensure the ability to shoot and transmit multi-camera video sources for its 5G Live TV.

Intelligent Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) recognition technology will facilitate the processing and real-time distribution of video content for 5G TV. Based on their collaboration, iQiyi will work with China Unicom to create a joint research and development center for innovation and the application of 5G in terminal devices, covering high-end technologies such as 5G network slicing, 5G MEC, augmented reality ( AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Both sides will provide research resources to the center, including tests for 5G technology, as well as testing the space and equipment to upgrade 5G VR / AR devices and optimize industrial value.



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